Mental Health Residential Services

Catholic Charities provides safe, dignified living options and supportive care for children, adolescents, and adults.  All residential programs help clients acquire social and independent living skills to promote self-sufficiency and social connectedness.


Siena Residence

 Siena Residence provides housing and supportive services for 12 adults with chronic mental illness. Siena Residence is a stable environment in which each client works with a primary counselor to set goals and takes steps toward them. The counselor will assist and support the client in pursuing employment, job training, independent housing, medication management, socialization, and other goals and activities.


Teaching Family Homes

 Catholic Charities operates five teaching family homes. These homes provide community-based residential treatment for children and adolescents age 5 through 17 who suffer serious emotional difficulties. Each home houses four youths and two teaching parents, a married couple who provide support and teach skills for successful living in the community. Each child's family is extensively involved in treatment, with the goals of stabilizing the family and returning the child to his or her home.


Project Independence

 Project Independence is a supported housing effort that provides assistance to individuals and families who are homeless with mental illness and substance abuse difficulties. We assist individuals in finding appropriate housing and ongoing support and counseling to maintain treatment. The goal of this program is to help individuals and families live successfully and independently in the community.  Project Veterans' Independence helps veterans and their families find stability and move toward self-sufficiency.


Special Needs Housing

 Catholic Charities provides low-income special needs housing because Long Island's notoriously high cost of living can be especially hard on families with one or more HIV-ill members. Special Needs Housing currently provides 25 affordable rental units for individuals, couples, and families. More units are planned for the near future. Families in the special needs housing residences have access to social work and case management services, as needed.


Eligibility and Fees

  Adults 18 and over who have been diagnosed with a mental illness are eligible for Siena Residence. Children and adolescents 5 - 17 years old with serious emotional difficulties, are eligible for the Teaching Family Homes. Priority is given to those who are hospitalized or in danger of hospitalization. Project Independence and special needs housing is available for individuals and families who are homeless or facing the possibility of homelessness with mental health problems, substance abuse, or HIV / AIDS.

 There are no fees for the services offered. Rent is based on ability to pay. No one is turned away due to inability to pay.